The motive of innSend is to help hotels become "Leaders in Communication". We guarantee that Hotels and Resorts will reduce the amount and cost of glitches (aka complaints/service issues), create guest retention and staff accordingly based on facts.

On an average day a hotel can report between 5 and 10 glitches (aka complaints/service issues) that are caused by using poor or wrong communication procedures which costs your hotel money. Some examples:

innSend costs your hotel less than $15 per day.

Following up with glitches is as important as solving them. innSend allows managers to make decisions based on data and there is no better way to help avoid future complaints. innSend is the best communication tool your team can use. Simple, affordable and effective.

Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial / Free Installation & Training.

The founders of innSend are strong believers in "try before you buy". Fortunately for your hotel, this means we want to provide you with a 30-Day Free Trial with zero cost or obligation.

We'll install innSend remotely and provide fast, free training for your staff. And we'll throw in free client support so you can sleep soundly at night....

innSend offers an extended free trial because once your staff begins using innSend, we know they'll never want to give it up.

So call or email us now to arrange your Live Demo and Free Trial. innSend is the fastest—and freest—way to done.